Question From A Helpdesk Ticket: 

In my cold email app, I get a lot of returns on email verification stating "don’t email because the verification has identified this as a "Catch_All".  How should I handle these?


I have consulted with Walt on this, his personal recommendation is that you can still mail those addresses, understanding that some may not get read.

That is always the ongoing issue with cold email.

Walt personally doesn't do the email verification at all, because the emails we are getting from ColdReach are typically business emails, and the bounce rate is acceptable.

He did emphasize at the end of the day that this is your choice.

Keep in mind, verifying emails will eliminate the bounces and the spam traps, however, it will significantly reduce the number of email addresses you can send to.  

In the end, it's a balance between those 2 factors and your choice.