5 Income Boosting Apps that your clients will love!

You already have the clients, and your business is growing!   Adding these top-selling software programs to your suite is pure profit.  We take care of onboarding, development, support - EVERYTHING!

You get to build a recurring income stream!


LEADS! It is literally the life-blood of every single business. You may already offer SEO, Facebook marketing, Linkedin services, or Video marketing... but what is the customer buying? A: LEADS! Our ColdReach platform delivers B2B leads at the push of a button. It's Our Top Seller - And it's easy to see why. Currently selling (your income) for $39 per month or $297 


Business reputation service software like you've NEVER seen before. Of course, you can monitor your brand names and keywords, and NOW with our cloud-based software, your clients can also BOOST their reviews, monitor all the social media platforms, and generate interested customer alerts. Currently selling (your income) for $97 per month or $997 Annually. 

Social Post Magic

EVERY Business online KNOWS they should be doing more on social media. BUT - 90% of them don't - because they don't have time! Social Post Magic has been built to solve this issue. Combining all Social platforms into one dashboard for instant posting and scheduling.  Currently selling (your income) for $49 per month or $497 Annually. 

Content Artemis (Coming Soon!)

Check back often for more information.


Easy Question. Would Your Clients Like BETTER Results From Their Advertising? Or Keep burning their cash and hoping for results? DataJeo gives them the BETTER PATH. One-Click and instantly find out how to get better results. ONE better campaign, and your clients have paid for 3 YEARS of this service. Currently selling (your income) for $39 Per Month or $297 Per Year.


FINALLY, you get to maximize those site conversions for your clients. Installing one simple (copy/paste) line of code on their site can have LIVE chat set up with their clients. Make sales, answer questions... ENGAGE! And of course, you can set multiple people to receive messages on the team and answer from anywhere! Currently selling (Your income) for $39 per month or $297 per year.

Prospect Dynamic

Instantly grab your visitor's attention and skyrocket your conversions & profits.  Simple to use system allows you to have the advantage of the fortune 500's even if you've never converted any web visitor before.

PR Rage

Find High-Value Domains in Seconds.  Analyze.  Shortlist And Purchase!

Instantly Spot High Demand, High-Value Domains for Flipping profits or rental income.  Grab Domains with huge existing traffic and redirect it to your own sites.  Imagine picking up 5 domains with 100 Clicks a month, and redirect them to your own sales or opt-in pages.